Gank Bounty Hunter


Standing at a height of ~1.6m tall, clad in heavy clothing and light armor with a full-face helm and gloves. A dark grey cowled duster finishes his attire. Despite the fearsome appearance of Ganks they rarely showed their faces or the rest of themselves to others, allowing them to blend in with other humanoid species with relative ease.

Corvus is as enthusiastic about cybernetics as the next Gank, maybe more. Specialising in the fields of Cyber-Tech, mechanics and slicing rather than combat.




Omega Runner: Death of the Pack

The Pack moves, near silent in the darkness, the rain covering what little noise it makes. My implanted comm linked to the pack, calls and commands back and forth, each member a different voice. Alpha leads the pack towards our target, not far ahead.

This will be brutal and bloody. The Pack will have it no other way.

I’m the Omega, the pack’s punching bag and the medic. I’ll patch up injuries and damaged cybergear, I’ll take their abuse and jibes, but they know I’m valuable despite my position.

Kneeling to better reach the terminal I jack into the system. I slice through the security as if it wasn’t there. I’m good, but not that good. “That was too easy. Something is wrong.”

My concerns are met with scorn from my pack mates.

“Look how it boasts.”
“Do not crow your success, Omega. This is not your place.”
Alpha kicks me before I can stand, there’s a crackle from my visor. Damaged macro-scanner, I visualise the repair process and wonder if the job will cover the costs.
“You stay here, monitor security while the pack does the real work.”

The Pack slink off into the shadows and over the compound’s wall. Soon the sound of blaster fire and explosions fill the night. Cries of alarm from my packmates call out over the comm. I make it over the wall and inside but I’m too late.

A trap was set inside, the mark escaped.

Alpha is the only one to walk away. Alpha and Omega. Two survivors. I stand there as he berates me. He tells me this is my fault. The rest would have made it if it wasn’t for me.

One of his cybergear is damaged. A simple fix but I make a show of it.

I know the mission failure falls to Alpha. He should have listened. Should have seen the trap. He will kill me before admitting fault in this.

A simple overload on a capacitor. He doesn’t see it coming. He activates the implant and fries his brain. He’s gone. One survivor now. No more pack. No more Omega.

I’ll need a name.

A Big Score

It’s unusual for a mark to be declared as an ‘Open Hunt’, usually a bounty is posted and picked up by a hunter or assigned by the Bounty Hunters’ Guild. Someone has to really piss off the Imps to have ‘Most Wanted’ tagged on their file, and for the guild to declare open season on them means a big score for someone. Within a couple of days half the Bounty Hunters of the Core Worlds will be on the trail.

Thankfully Corvus finds himself in the right part of Coruscant at the right time. Sitting back in a dark booth in a run-down bar and diner, Taffey’s Snake Pit Bar, a couple of thousand levels below the surface. While Corvus won’t eat in public, a simple mechanism on the front of his helm allows him to enjoy a drink while waiting for new job postings.

The job board, a feature at the Snake Pit that ensured a steady clientele of bounty hunters, skip tracers and private investigators, lights up to announce a Dead or Alive target – a rarity in itself. A brief description of the target, known aliases and last known location is followed by the bounty reward. 100.000 credits. A couple of low whistles from the few patrons in the bar at this time of day.

“Now that’s a big score.” mutters Corvus, sliding the seals back into place on his helm and standing from the booth with a long stretch. He’s one of the first to pick up the job, but not the only one. A Kyuzo approaches the terminal and swipes his datapad to download the target information just ahead of Corvus, who can’t help but let out a low growl at the competition.

Looks like the last known was fairly local, only a few dozen levels down and a klick south-east. A run-down neighbourhood with a rough reputation, a good place to hide from the Empire while you wait for a lift off-world.



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